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The Scion and the Name of Evil

            In the distance, the armies of Traegan and the Demons clashed. Blinding flashes lit the horizon as each side launched fatal releases of Energy at one another. The thunderous explosions rattled the air. The sad wind carried a steady rise of Dark Mist as dozens of Demons dissipated into formless death. The darkened sky watched as Anidem approached his foe, who stood watching the battle tear the earth apart.

            “Demons are often looked at as vile creatures,” Malum said thoughtfully. “We were not so different from you, you know.”

            Anidem glared at the Demon. He showed no emotion, save for the calm fury in his eyes.

            “You doubt me, dear boy,” Malum sighed. He smiled, but there was a sadness in his face. “I do not expect you to understand. We lived long before a time you or your ancestors could hope to remember, a time full of mysteries beyond your understanding.”

           “You fell from grace, and have thusly become vile.”

            The Demon’s dark eyes widened quickly but slightly. “How could you know that?”
            Anidem drew his Blade. “I know more than you might think. The Power of the Blade of Light extends beyond the ability to vanquish you. It has shown me why you are no longer worthy of the joys of this world, or any other.”

            “You judge us?” Malum barked. “We Demons were beautiful once, held in high regard, possessing great power, the likes of which contend with Creation itself! We had every right to claim our place as—.”

            “Yet you stand before me,” Anidem said with threatening calm. “I possess the means to destroy you, but I cannot Create! What does this, in turn, say of your nature? Are you not lesser, then?”

            “Blast you, Anidem!” the Demon growled. “Damn you and all the Traegans! Your meddling and the mortality of your companions have cost you dearly. Do you not see how much you have suffered for your cause? Was Azrea worth this struggle?”

           Anidem closed his eyes, took a breath, and raised his head to the sky for a moment. Exhaling, several tears fell down his face. “Her death was the result of your choice.”

            “Mine?” Malum sneered. “Or yours?”

            “Silence, Demon!” Anidem snapped. “It was by your doing that thousands of people suffered! You use poisonous words to manipulate those weaker than you! You strike at what hurts them most! Your remorselessness stems from your lack of humility, from your pride in your so-called supreme Power! You have become your own demise, and I have come to teach you.”

            Malum laughed. “I know not fear, Anidem. Your words are vacant, and your principles foolish. For I am strong, wise, and powerful. There is no place for you in my world.”

            Anidem sighed. “And so begins your costly lesson. Come, Nomen Malum. We meet for the last time.”

            He raised his sword and approached the Demon. Malum drew his Blade of Shadow and launched a series of energy bursts. Anidem answered with a blast of Light, dispersing the deadly Shadows. As the collision of Energies subsided, the Warrior of Light closed the gap between them and brought his Blade down upon the Demon. Shadow-metal cried out against Anidem’s Blade, ringing again and again as cuts and parries traded in a display of precision and focus. Each time their Blades met, the air shattered in a furious pulse of thunder. Each time their Blades disengaged, only the silence of the world would listen. Each time Power erupted from their hands, the earth crumbled away in fear.

            Malum momentarily Vanished in a torrent of flame, Reappearing a tree’s length high in the air. Hellfire greeted a transparent Shield-dome of Light. Before the Traegan could do much more, Malum fell with his Blade, releasing stored Power. With a wave of his Sword, Malum launched a blast of Darkness, breaking through Anidem’s Shield-dome. The Warrior grunted as the assault flung him back several meters. The Demon followed through with additional cuts to the air, a barrage of Energy erupting forth from his Shadow Blade. Towers of dirt reached skyward as the Demon’s attacks found the earth. Through the thick settling of dust, the Demon saw a blaze of Light, and raised his sword to cut through Anidem’s attack. Malum then witnessed a brief flash of Light to the right, then left, approaching swiftly in a zigzag. With the Warrior Reappearing in front of him, Malum countered with a Sword swipe, but Anidem sidestepped; his hand found the Demon’s forehead, pushing forward and down as Light radiated from his palm. As the Warrior crushed the Demon against the ground, Light radiated brilliantly in all directions before fading into an eruption of earth.

            The Demon barely Vanished in time to escape Anidem’s finisher, and felt his melting face slowly begin to regenerate. Roaring as he glared at the Warrior, he ruthlessly unleashed his rage. Anidem’s eyes momentarily widened at the surprising ferocity of each blast of Shadow. He managed to block the first and cut through the second. But the third, fourth, and fifth arrived too quickly. Unable to contend with the relentless assault, Anidem felt the Shadows eat away at him, draining his life from within. A final missile of Darkness smote the Warrior, inducing a cry of pain as he crashed through the ground. Malum Appeared before the dazed and weakened Traegan. Flames spiraled around the Demon’s Sword as he raised it to plunge its hungry Blade into the fallen Warrior.

            Anidem Disappeared and Reappeared a few meters away, but the distance was too small for the Demon whose supernatural speed afforded him the opportunity to strike once more. Malum’s Blade made its mark, expelling the air from Anidem’s lungs as he cried out as the Warrior raised his hand, repelling the Demon with Light. Blood soaked Anidem’s tunic as he stood, an he clutched his upper belly. His bent figure barely able to stand remained still against the backdrop of the battlefield, a crumbling gray pillar of an ancient ruin before the might of a dark, weathering storm.

            Malum, evading Anidem’s final desperate attack, calmly stepped forward. The Demon lacerated the back of the Warrior’s knee, finally lowering Anidem from his stubborn stand. The Traegan tightly gripped the hilt of the Blade of Light, his knuckles trembling and white. The Demon walked in front of the Traegan.

           “Are you prepared, Anidem?”

           The Warrior scowled as the Blade of Shadow plunged into his chest.

           A gasp of pain. Ringing.

           A triumphant laugh.

           A burning light. An all-consuming light.

           An outcry of fear and defiance.

           Then silence. Then darkness. And all was still.

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2 years ago

This! This right here! More please??? It literally sucked me in and that’s what you want! Well written and reminded me of a falling Angel story which is so historic. Bravo to your work young man.

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